About Us

Since 2015, Total Solution (TS) Conductor has been redefining the 100-year-old cable and conductor industry. TS Conductor is recognized around the world for safety, reliability, sustainability and affordability. Unlike any other conductor on the market, TS Conductor’s aluminum encapsulation completely protects its composite core from damage and corrosion. This patented carbon core protection technology, eliminates the safety, reliability, ampacity, and longevity issues commonly associated with other conductors.

TS Conductor is led by Jason Huang, PhD, and a team of global technical experts with deep experience in composite core product development and manufacturing.

This next generation, carbon composite core conductor is patented in the United States and over 55 countries. TS Conductor is energized and operational in both transmission and distribution grids, having been successfully deployed in 10kV, 35kV, 110kV, 220kV and 330kV lines.

Our Mission:

To provide a safe, cost-effective conductor solution that improves ampacity, increases reliability and promotes global sustainability.