Superior Strength and Conductivity

TS Conductor features the unique and effective pretensioned aluminum encapsulation to protect the carbon core. The aluminum encapsulation in the conductor completely protects the carbon core, preventing moisture, air and UV from entering the carbon/aluminum interface, eliminating any possibility of galvanic corrosion. Pretensioned encapsulation further protects TS conductor’s core from breakage or fracture, while providing superior flexibility and malleability without damage to the core integrity during installation and operation.

The carbon core in TS Conductor needs no strength contribution from the aluminum and the weight savings allows for maximum incorporation of the fully annealed aluminum, delivering the best  conductivity & high temperature stability in a light weight conductor.

TS Smart Conductor’s Inteli-Core product can transform existing spot sensor applications by enabling intelligence in all transmission and distribution conductors, realizing distributed sensing and control throughout the entire power grid.

TS Conductor’s patented design delivers:

  • Highest Aluminum Content
  • Protected Carbon Core
  • Gap-free Configuration
  • Superior Strength
  • Flexible, Malleable
  • Lighter Weight