Distribution TS Conductor Delivers Improved Electricity Distribution

Electric power distribution is another critical aspect of the world-wide electrical grid. TS Conductor enhances electricity distribution through its unique design and characteristics.

Electric power distribution is critical to the continued growth of the world economy and the future thriving of humanity and TS Conductor is a critical element in the growth of electric power distribution.

TS (Total Solution) Conductor was first deployed in a distribution circuit (new 35 KV project) in 2016, and again successfully deployed into a 10 KV reconductoring before deployment in transmission applications. Its designed-in robustness and conventional fitting approach make TS uniquely compatible with all distribution circuit applications. TS conductors not only increase the capacity of distribution circuits for congestion relief, they also sustainably reduce line loss. TS covered conductors have proven to be an effective solution to replace bare distribution conductors for fast remediation of wildfire risks (no structural retrofitting needed).

Much to the delight of these utilities, their line crews are finding that TS Conductor is easy to install with existing equipment, is lighter than traditional cable and has the flexibility and robustness to hold up to the elements.