Electrical Transmission Line TS Conductor is The Ideal Transmission Conductor

The transmission of electricity is the lifeblood that powers the world's economy. With the increased capacity and unparalleled efficiency of the TS Conductor, electricity transmission will be transformed to enable renewable integration and electrifying everything.

Total Solution (TS) Conductor, the revolutionary new electrical transmission line, provides utilities with a safe and cost-effective conductor solution that improves ampacity, increases reliability and promotes global sustainability.

TS Conductor’s patented technology protects the carbon composite core from damage and corrosion, thereby eliminating all safety, reliability, ampacity, and longevity issues associated with older generation conductors (ACSR, ACSS and prior attempts in composite conductor).

TS Conductor is ideal for optimizing the power grid by enabling more capacity in existing right of way and with existing structures. TS Conductor Design Enables:

  • Highest Content Of The Most Conductive Aluminum
  • Protected Carbon Core
  • Gap-Free Configuration
  • Low Sag & Superior Strength
  • Flexible, Malleable
  • Lighter Weight

The increased capacity and lighter weight of Total Solution (TS) Conductor’s electrical transmission line allows utilities to replace ACSR on existing T&D infrastructure without the need to retrofit towers or build new structures.

TS Conductor’s superior performance is also ideal for new build applications, allowing increased span distance between towers.

TS Conductor delivers the lowest installed cost per megawatt, per mile, while minimizing the environmental impacts of infrastructure upgrades and new construction.