New Line & Rebuild TS Conductor is ideal for new lines or rebuild within the existing right of way.

Total Solution (TS) Conductor’s increased capacity, superior sag, and best efficiency allows utilities and renewable developers to achieve lowest cost per MW per mile:

  • Save on project capex with fewer or shorter towers or poles
  • Lower Opex with lowest line loss
  • Greater revenue with maximum possible capacity (‘future proof’)
  • Better reliability and resiliency with higher margin of safety during extreme weather
  • Higher clearance under most operating conditions to manage ground level EMF and Corona Noise

As society moves toward electrifying everything, our power grid is inadequate to accommodate the expansion of the transmission and distribution capacity for electricity. New transmission lines and rebuild in existing right of way are expected to be part of the solution for energy transition.

TS Conductor has many features that make it ideal for new line or rebuild:

  • 2x increase in conductor ampacity
  • High strength, light weight and low sag enable longer spans for fewer towers or poles, minimizing land encroachment.
  • Light weight and low sag enable shorter towers or poles
  • Gap-free encapsulation design protects carbon core 100% for life
  • Up to ~50% reduction in line loss
  • Lowest operating temperature with highest ampacity
  • Easy installation, requiring no special tools or different work methods

TS conductor is simply the best choice for new lines or rebuild since it delivers the lowest installed cost per megawatt per mile, while minimizing the environmental impacts.