Reconductoring TS Conductor is the perfect solution for reconductoring

TS Conductor’s lighter weight and higher ampacity makes it ideal for optimizing the power grid by enabling more capacity in the utility’s asset: existing Right of Way and existing structures.

Total Solution (TS) Conductor is the perfect choice for utilities who are undertaking reconductoring on their lines. TS Conductor’s superior ampacity and lighter weight allows utilities to replace ACSR on existing line infrastructure without the need to retrofit towers or build new structures.

TS Conductor’s superior performance is ideal for reconductoring:

  • 2X Plus Increase In Conductor Ampacity
  • Light weight & High Strength Enable Long Spans
  • Air Gap-free Encapsulation Design Protects Carbon Core 100%
  • Up to ~50% Reduction In Line Loss
  • Lowest Operating Temperature With Highest Ampacity
  • Reduced Line Tension & Increased Ampacity Optimizes Existing Structures
  • Easy Installation, Requiring No Special Tools or Different Work Methods

TS Conductor is simply the best choice for utilities looking to undertake reconductoring since it delivers the lowest installed cost per megawatt, while minimizing the environmental impacts of infrastructure upgrades and new construction.