Lisa M. Lambert of National Grid Partners Discusses TS Conductor

November 5, 2021

On November 5th at the COP26 Conference, Lisa M Lambert, was asked about their recent investment in six startups whose technology can make power grids greener, more secure and more customer-friendly and can support its goals of decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization.

Lisa M Lambert is Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at National Grid and Founder & President of National Grid Partners. She is responsible for leading investments and innovation initiatives across the company. TS Conductor was recently selected by Lisa and her team for inclusion in National Grid Partner’s investment portfolio.

“We at TS Conductor are very pleased to be working with someone like Lisa who has such extensive experience and expertise identifying next-generation clean energy technologies. This is a very exciting partnership for us.” said Jason Huang, TS Conductor’s President & CEO.

Prior to National Grid, Ms. Lambert was a Managing Partner at The Westly Group, a clean technology private venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley, where she was responsible for investments in energy technology companies. Before joining The Westly Group, Lisa worked at Intel Corporation for 19 years and was Vice President and Managing Director of Intel Capital’s Software and Services sector and the Founder and Managing Director of the $125 million Intel Capital Diversity Fund.

When interviewed, Lisa said “TS Conductor is a next generation conducting technology that allows transmission lines to double their capacity. You can see the opportunity there. We can bring more renewables onto our existing infrastructure in a very competitive way, without tower retrofits or without adding additional infrastructure. So we’re really excited and pleased with the investments we’ve made.”

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Lisa M Lambert of National Grid Partners Discusses TS Conductor