Renewable Energy Developers Implementing TS Conductor Is a Unique Advantage for Renewable Energy Developers

Renewable energy developers benefit from TS Conductor's lighter weight, greater ampacity and smart grid features. It is truly the conductor for the 21st Century.

TS (Total Solution) Conductor is the perfect choice for renewable energy developers who are looking for an alternative to traditional ACSR & CFCC conductors. These older technology conductors are heavier, less flexible and allow for lower ampacity than TS Conductor.

It is estimated that there is over 1 Billion MT GHG associated with Compensatory Generation in 2019 (to make up for conductor resistance heating). TS has about 30-50% less resistance, thereby reducing line loss, reducing compensatory generation and associated GHG emission.

TS Conductor is different from earlier generations of transmission and distribution lines. The Aluminum encapsulation in TS conductor protects the composite with Toughening (for guaranteed Safety & Reliability), Cushioning (for compatibility with traditional fitting and installation), and Shielding (for life protection against galvanic corrosion or core degradation from environment).  It facilitates the most aluminum for maximum capacity and best efficiency, with further enhancement on sag performance. It is cost effective (2x), and suitable for new build or reconductoring in both transmission and distribution circuits, including extreme ice or long spans situations. It is logical and best choice for renewable interconnects and integrations to the grid.