Utilities Utilities Can Benefit Enormously From TS Conductor

TS Conductor's lighter weight, greater ampacity and smart grid features makes it the ideal choice for utilities engaged in new line installation or reconductoring.

TS (Total Solution) Conductor is being adopted for power transmission by utilities in North America and around the world as a replacement for traditional ACSR & ACSS conductors. These older technology conductors are heavier, less flexible and allow for lower ampacity than TS Conductor.

As utilities reconductor as existing electric power distribution networks age or are destroyed by natural disasters, like the recent fires in the western United States, utilities are choosing TS Conductor as their replacement. Much to the delight of these utilities, their line crews are finding that TS Conductor is easy to install with existing equipment, is lighter than traditional cable and has the flexibility to hold up to the elements.

In considering adopting our Total Solution Conductor in their new installation or reconductoring efforts, utilities need to know that TS Conductor:

  • Provides a 2X Increase In Conductor Ampacity
  • Is Light Weight & High Strength, Which Enables Longer Spans
  • Delivers Air Gap-free Encapsulation Design That Protects Carbon Core 100%
  • Produces Up to 40% Reduction In Line Loss
  • Offers The Lowest Operating Temperature With Highest Ampacity
  • Results In Reduced Line Tension & Increased Ampacity Optimizes Existing Structures
  • Is Easy To Install And Requires No Specialized Tools Or Work Methods