Recharge Global News Discusses The Grid Strategies Report & TS Conductor

In a recent article from Recharge Global News, they discuss ability to reconductor existing structures and raise loading limits provides an effective way to make the grid more robust, address congestion, and increase transmission capacity at critical points on the grid. Extreme weather has stressed grids in California and Texas where congestion is also slowing interconnection of more solar and wind energy. Department of Energy data shows that parts of the US grid are more than a century old and 70% of transmission lines have been in service more than 25 years. Heavy-duty, long-haul transmission to tap abundant solar or wind resource in remote areas of the country’s interior can take 10 or more years to permit and build.

In this article, Recharge explores The Grid Strategies report, which was funded by Acore, along with the National Resources Defence Council, and private firms CTC Global, Lamifil, Taihan USA, and TS Conductor.

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Recharge Global News discusses TS Conductor