TS Conductor Delivers Most Durable, Cost-Effective Conductor Solution for California Utilities

California Wildfire Mitigation Plans (WMPs) include installing covered conductor on overhead lines as an infrastructure hardening method to mitigate wildfire risk.

TS Conductor’s patented technology design is uniquely positioned to deliver a light weight, high ampacity covered conductor solution that reduces:

  • Wildfire risk
  • Environmental impacts
  • Infrastructure construction costs
  • System upgrade duration times

The adoption of TS Conductor will improve grid reliability and safety without lengthy outage, while reducing costly structural replacements or new construction and saving California utilities and their customers hundreds of millions of dollars.

To find out more about TS Conductor’s covered conductor for transmission and distribution wildfire mitigation, read our TS Conductor Wildfire Mitigation Brief and contact us at sales@tsconductor.com.