TS Conductor Has Been Selected by Third Derivative Into Its Inaugural Cohort Program

TS Conductor is proud to announce that it has been selected by Third Derivative into its Inaugural Cohort Program.

Third Derivative is a global, vertically integrated engine for climate innovation. Their mission is to bring startups, investors, corporations, and market, regulatory, and policy makers into the same program. They then foster an environment where these entities work closely together toward the common goal of increasing the success and speed to market for climate innovators.

“Third Derivative champions the climate tech revolution entrepreneurs who are creating a carbon-neutral future for humanity and we are proud to be recognized by them” says, Jason Huang, Founder of TS Conductor.

Third Derivative seeks clean solution firms in the realms of:

  • Electricity production, transmission/distribution, and storage
  • Transportation
  • Buildings and built environment
  • Industry (including heating, cooling, materials, biofuels, data centers, recycling, plastics, etc.)
  • Food and agriculture
  • Carbon capture, utilization, and storage
  • Climate and world-positive software, hardware, and hard-tech
  • Business model and finance innovation around any of the above

Founded by Rocky Mountain Institute and New Energy Nexus, Third Derivative’s mission is to find, fund, develop, and scale the most-promising advanced energy technologies they can identify to help achieve larger reductions in global carbon emissions more quickly.

Rocky Mountain Institute is one of the world’s leading clean energy think-and-do tanks, with nearly four decades of experience working across markets, policy, and regulation. New Energy Nexus is a globally respected entrepreneur support organization that knows how to attract, cultivate, and connect high-potential startups.

As the Third Derivative website explains, “We are accelerating the rate of climate innovation together… by creating a network that includes venture funding and corporate partners seamlessly integrated from the beginning. These partners help to select and coach startups during the accelerator program, increasing their odds to attract follow-on investment and forge strategic partnerships on sales, development, and manufacturing. All of this infused with unprecedented insights into market, regulatory, and policy contexts so crucial for climate and energy innovation.

We all came together for one simple reason: The climate crisis isn’t waiting. The world needs a healthy global innovation engine to identify and massively scale new solutions that speed the clean energy transition. Traditional VCs, advanced energy startups, and corporation innovation teams struggle working in isolation. Our vertically integrated climate innovation engine solves those problems… so the ecosystem can thrive.”

Click Here to learn more about TS Conductor’s acceptance in Third Derivative’s Inaugural Cohort Program.