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A 21st century power grid deserves more than 20th century wires.

The transmission and distribution power grid is the backbone of the energy transition. This presents grid modernization opportunities — and challenges — for utilities and other grid operators.
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Renewables interconnection

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New demand from electric vehicles (EVs)

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Transmission congestion bottlenecks

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Strain from extreme weather events

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Aging legacy infrastructure
(ACSR/ACSS conductors)

High-performance conductors for modern power grids.

Transmission infrastructure hasn’t significantly changed in roughly one hundred years. And in many situations, it’s difficult to get permits to build new lines.

That’s why TS Conductor was born—because there’s a better way to deliver electricity.

We’ve developed a new generation of high-performance conductors for transmission and distribution grids, equally suitable for both new build and reconductoring projects.
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