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Founded in 2018, TS Conductor products allow transmission & distribution grid operators and renewable developers to be active participants to the energy transition — by accelerating the integration of renewable generation (wind, solar etc) and reducing line loss — while fully leveraging existing infrastructure assets with designed-in safety, reliability, resiliency and affordability. Our products can be used to substitute ACSR conductors using the same tools and installation procedures for new build and rebuild, or replacing ACSS conductors in reconductoring. TS Conductor is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and a public benefit company focused on sustainable development and GHG reduction.


Jason Huang headshot
Jason Huang, PhD
President & CEO
Herve Touati headshot
Herve Touati
Chief Strategy Officer
Vivek Kohli headshot
Vivek Kohli
Chief Technology Officer, CEO, TS India
Massimo Masini headshot
Massimo Masini
VP, Customer Fulfillment
Chris Martin headshot
Chris Martin
VP, Finance
Lorena Davis headshot
Lorena Davis
Senior Director of HR
Greg Hartgraves headshot
Greg Hartgraves
VP, Global Sales


Amory Lovins headshot
Amory Lovins
Charlie Bayless headshot
Charlie Bayless
Audrey Zibelman headshot
Audrey Zibelman
John (JD) Hammerly headshot
John (JD) Hammerly
Martin G Travers headshot
Martin G Travers