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Partnering with grid operators to debottleneck T&D infrastructure and enable renewable integration economically and expeditiously.

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Serving transmission + distribution systems

TS Conductor is available in a variety of sizes and ampacities, suitable for both high-voltage transmission grid infrastructure as well as distribution grid needs.

Applicable for both new build and reconductoring projects with least project CAPEX and lowest project life cycle cost.

BETTER FOR REBUILD OR NEW BUILDS: Save on rebuild or new project expenses with fewer, shorter poles and towers in longer spans, and fewer total wires. You can go green and get ‘green’.

BETTER FOR RECONDUCTORING: When it’s time to reconductor existing transmission systems, it often requires rebuilding or retrofitting poles and towers, plus a bigger conventional conductor. Not any more. TS Conductor's breakthrough technology uses a lightweight, high-strength encapsulated core under pre-tension with safety, reliability, and longevity built-in. Get jobs done in a matter of months for a fraction of the budget, within existing rights of way.

Working with grid operators including:

Regional transmission operators (RTOs)

Independent system operators (ISOs)

Vertically integrated utilities

Investor-owned utilities (IOUs)

Municipal utilities (munis)

Electric cooperatives (co-ops)

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Gridline Finance:
De-risking reconductoring projects

Gridline Finance, a joint venture between TS Conductor and Lotus Infrastructure Partners (previously Starwood Energy), makes it easy to deploy TS Conductor solutions at no upfront cost, thanks to an ESCO-like approach to transmission upgrades that funds deployment through realized savings, including and especially reduced line loss enabled by TS technology.
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